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This tour takes you to meet two cities of great cultural and historical heritage.
Fátima, is one of the most important pilgrimage centers for the Catholic world. White and serene, raises imposingly its Sanctuary that charms at first sight. Mystical land of incessant search for faith, safe harbor of all those looking for light, harmony and peace.Coimbra is a city that, you will want to visit, its university, one of the Europe´s oldest, the remains of the old Kingdom´s capital.

Fátima - Coimbra Tour

Fátima - Coimbra by Van


  • "...The variety of available resources in Oporto conquers its visitors, from those that wish to embroil themselves in its History and authenticity, to those that seek to explore a new, more contemporary and cosmopolitan town. Meeting Oporto means discovering what makes it different: the famous Port Wine, a Historic Centre chosen by Unesco as World Heritage, the Museums, charming parks and gardens..." European Consumers Choice.
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