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The Oporto All Day Long” tour shows the identity of a town built on the character of working people who, since medieval ages, dedicated themselves to the river and to the richness it has always provided.
As the tour evolves, it goes on revealing the singularity of Oporto soul, based on a special relationship with the river, marked simultaneously by affection and by detachment. The city outgrows itself from the river towards the interior, to the new corners of contemporariness: from Boavista to Antas, from Serralves to Casa da Música or to Dragon Stadium, the soul of Oporto renews and states itself, integrating past and future, growing without losing its identity.

Oporto all day long

Oporto all day long by Van


  • "After all, Oporto, in order to really honour its name, is, above all, this large lap, open to the river, but that can only be seen from the river, or rather, only through narrow gaps closed within walls can the voyager lean to the open air and live the illusion that the whole of Oporto is Ribeira." (José Saramago)
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