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The “Oporto Postcard” Tour shows the identity of a town built on the character of working people who, from medieval ages dedicated themselves to the river and to the richness it has always provided.
“Oporto Postcard” highlights the soul of Oporto city in its relationship with the river, both of them recognized by Unesco as World Heritage – on the one side, the Historic Centre of the town and, on the other side, Douro Vineyards’ Landscape.
It is this uniqueness that we’ll try to uncover, exposing it to the dazzled eyes of each visitor, who will be able to discover, on each sinuous street, a glimpse of the river, a genuine city, distinctive and full of life.
Each moment of this postcard ends up being a flash of that crackling life that renews itself endlessly, without ever losing its authenticity.
From the Sé to Batalha, through ways of tertulias and college life, across the ancient Baroque and the Romantic, we select a series of small frames of Oporto soul that will leave in each visitor the will to come back.

Oporto PostCard

Oporto Postcard by Van

Oporto Postcard by Vespa


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